This is Douglas Todd's web page. At the moment [September 2017] there's not a lot of point to it, but that will likely change, and it's always good to be prepared.

I write stuff. I've been writing fiction for longer than I care to say, and tinkering with interactive fiction and games for almost as long, but most of my projects never see the light of day for various reasons. In 2017 I decided to start pushing them out into the world remorselessly. I'm revising old work and finishing new work. As I make projects public, I'll add them to the list below.

I'm visible on Twitter, on Facebook, and on Goodreads, though I tend to use them for news and announcements only. There's also an Amazon author page which won't tell you anything you don't see below.


How To Go To Hell in 10,000 Easy Steps. Available now on Amazon. An urban fantasy set mostly in Louisiana of the 1990s, with a light dusting of horror.

Valerie wants to sell her soul. But it seems like Hell doesn't want it, which is a real disappointment.

Actually, Hell is having some serious problems, and it looks like Valerie is going to get ensnared in them whether she likes it or not. Along the way, she'll meet a lot of colorful and interesting people, most of whom are immortal, many of whom aren't very nice, some of whom would like to see her dead.

She'll also experience some truly horrifying things because, no matter how nice some of the people in it are, when it comes right down to it, Hell just isn't a very pleasant place.

Gillian's Eye. Coming soon! Science fiction, set in an alternate present where the United States has Balkanized and aliens invade almost every night. Contains political conspiracy, underground machinations, rebellion, and a modest amount of scariness.